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Gran Café Al Porto
The beautiful Café Al Porto impresses with its Italian flair. Here it is excellent to spend quiet and intimate moments as a couple.

The View
This restaurant is a living representation in which you are the most important member of the cast.

Principe Leopoldo
Make yourself comfortable and get intoxicated by the taste and breathtaking landscape, one of the most comprehensive and rewarding experiences of your life is about to begin. 

Principe Leopoldo
Surrounded by the breathtaking panorama, let yourself be carried away by the intimate and refined atmosphere of the Piano Bar Principe.


The View
Spread over 4 levels, you can enjoy all-round pure luxury and relaxation. Experience sparkling and exciting hours in the hotel suite and immerse yourself in a world of eroticism with one of our escort ladies.

Grand Hotel Eden
Pure romance at the foot of Cerisio Lake. More is almost impossible.

Luxury home Barony le pergole Lugano Castagnola
Enjoy complete privacy for two with your escort lady in one of the villas. A view that will take your breath away.